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“Billy Edd Wheeler writes songs
that instantly become classics.”
--Jim Conner

Biography & Discography

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A sampling of Billy Edd's songs and some
of the artists who recorded them.

Billy Edd's career in country music began with songs recorded by Rex Allen, Roll Up Your Sleeve, and Hank Snow, Blue Roses. Ritchie Havens, Judy Henske, We Five, and several other artists did High Flying Bird. Judy Collins recorded The Coming of the Roads and Winter Sky. (Peter, Paul & Mary also did The Coming of the Roads.) But his first big hit was The Rev. Mr. Black by the Kingston Trio, followed by the Johnny Cash-June Carter version of Jackson, also a pop hit by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood. Kenny Rogers struck platinum with Coward of the County and Long Arm of the Law. Elvis reached # 2 with It's Midnight, and Jerry Reed charted high with Gimme Back My Blues. Billy Edd charted with several songs, but his only hit as an artist was Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back.

Other chart songs include O.C. Smith's I Ain't the Worryin' Kind, Hank Williams Jr.'s A Baby Again, Johnny Cash's Blistered, Pat Boone's Rock Boll Weevil, Glen Campbell's Anne, The Kingston Trio's Coal Tattoo and Desert Pete, Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn's You Blow My Mind, and other songs by George Hamilton IV, Chet Atkins, Ed Bruce, Del Reeves, etc. (Several artists recorded Sassafrass.)

Billy Edd's songs have been recorded by 150 artists in this country and abroad, selling over 57 million copies. His Coward of the County was made into a movie starring Kenny Rogers and his song Jackson was featured twice in the movie Walk the Line.

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Elvis Presley

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